What lies beneath the massive destruction?

Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer), a counterintelligence agent announces that the age of the transformers is over in the 4th film of the Hasbro/Paramount robot fighting series. He plays the villain in this new piece. Some viewers and most Transformers: Age of Extinction, movie reviews will agree with Attinger after leaving the theater when the film comes to a close. The movie has remarkable improvements over the inhuman chaos seen on the last 2 installments, 2011’s Dark of the Moon and 2009’s Revenge of the fallen. The film is also the longest of them all with 165 minutes of state of the art 3D illusion.transformers-age-of-extinction

Despite bringing a totally new onscreen warrior together with a new cast and a half an hour grand finale taking place in different locales in Hong Kong, Transformers: Age of extinction is not the breathe of refreshing fresh air that the aging franchise was in need of. Extinction is seen as a reboot and gives a promise that the series will end with a whimper instead of a bang as everyone had expected. However, the film will possibly rake in big and will most probably surpass the record set by Dark of the Moon.

Sadly, this new release is neither disturbing nor controversial, instead it is just dull which is very uncommon of any sci-fi action blockbuster. It lacks the sporadic comedic pleasure created by the interaction of robots and humans. This is what most critics think of the movie.

Age of extension takes quite some time to build up. Cadev Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) who is the protagonist lives in the Texas countryside with his daughter Tessa (Peltz). In a bid to pay the bills, Yeager invests all his money into buying and re-purposing ‘junk’ as Tessa puts it. She is very skeptical that his father will ever make a game-changing invention.

Attinger discovers that Yeager has knowledge of the whereabouts of Optimus Prime (Cullen). He then sends Lockdown, a Decepticon with whom he has made an alliance with, to search for the Autobot leader together with all other Autobots since they were no longer welcomed on earth.

Joshua Joyce (Tucci) is a tech tycoon uses his company KSI to recycle and reverse-engineer the technology that makes the Transformers to create a totally new breed of the robots. Does Joshua really comprehend the alien technology adequately to create and control these gigantic and powerful machines?

Prime regroups with Bumble, Drift (Watanabe), Brains (Wilson), Hund (Goodman) and Crosshairs (DiMaggio) to fight off the Decepticons. Yeager, his daughter Tessa and Shane (Reynor), Tessa’s boyfriend help out in this ranging war. The machines are surprisingly made to display a lot of emotions. The effects are undeniably off the hook but the dialogues sound very random thus not that impressive.

With its ominous title, the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie reviews agree that the film barely scratches the surface of the idea that planet Earth and humankind are about to be totaly annihilated. What is totally removed is the audience’s consciousness after 3 hours of bombardment by emotions, poor on-liners and predictable battles.

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