Top 3 Movies of 2016

For movie buffs who are always on the go for movies that tickles their fancy and movie enthusiasts who are always updated in the release of their much awaited favorite movies, here is the list of the top 3 movies of 2016 and their corresponding film reviews.

Zootopia by Disney 

This is an animated comedy-adventure film that was said to be one of the best Disney animated movies ever produced. The story is about a rookie bunny-cop. She is the first ever bunny to join the police force and later finds out how hard it is to enforce the law. The movie detailed on how she managed to solve and surpass the problems of the modern mammal metropolis. Over all, this movie is a must see for the kids and movie enthusiast adults as well.

Release date: February 17, 2016.

finding doryFinding Dory by Disney

This is an animated movie which is a sequel to Finding Nemo. In the movie finding Nemo, Dory has been his companion in trying to get back to his father, Dory was there as Nemo bravely beaten the odds. This time Nemo and his father didn’t give up in showing support to Dory. This movie tackles about how a forgetful fish, Dory, would find her long lost family. It shows Dory and her friends’ desperate search to trace her history. Amidst the troubles and hardships they’ve encountered, they still managed to stay together and later on succeed in tracing Dory’s history. This is a fun and emotionally satisfying film that children, and even adults, will definitely love. The viewers surely won’t forget the character of forgetful Dory.

Release date: June 16, 2016.

Captain America (Civil War) by Marvel

Captain America (Civil War) is the highest grossing movie of 2016. Shown in different countries, this is one of the most awaited sequels of the Captain America movie. In this film, Steve Rogers leads The Avengers in saving humanity. Although this movie is slightly long, over all, the scenes are intense, exciting, and action packed. The director succeeded in putting all of the marvel heroes on screen.

Release date: April 27, 2016.

Captain America is the best movie for 2016. It is 10x better than all the Avenger movies put together.

It seems like a lot of animated movies are taking the lead when it comes to highest grossing movies category. Same goes with heroes-based movies. A lot of movie enthusiasts are always excited every time a soon-to-be-released sequel of their favorite comic hero characters are shown on trailers. Kids are also always on the watch for future cartoon movies to be released on the big screen. Make sure you watch everything on this list!

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