The Turtles are back to save New York City!

Every city needs heroes. So, when the New York City comes under the influence of Shredder and the evil foot clan and the future of the city looks grim, it is then the heroes rise up to battle it out. The cast of unlikely brothers rise up from the sewers only to find they are destined to fight the evil, as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So, with help from April, a fearless reporter and cameraman Vern Fenwick, they take up the mission of saving the city and to unravel the Shredder and his groups dangerous plan. Want to know more about this movie? Well, the movie review will tell you all that you need to know.

TMNTtrailer2-headerPacked with some extremely superb action set in the New York City, this movie is science-fiction-adventure-action film definitely keeps you hooked in front of the screens. This is the fifth film which is again recap of the turtles’ actual story as well as their arch rivalry with Evil Foot clan. Interestingly, the movie begins with a narration that darkness has engulfed New York City by a group of criminals called Shredder and his Evil Foot clan. Shredder is basically a samurai who dons an armor suit which turns him to Japanese Megatron. They are terrorizing the city and its people. Even the police is unable to do anything to bring him in control.

The story then moves over to April, an extremely dare-devil journalist who’s looking for some serious breakthrough in news. She happens to come across the Ninja Turtles fighting some of the Evil Foot clan thugs. They soon take April into confidence and then begin the actual mind blowing fight sequences.

Both teens and kids will love the movie and the live-action moves. It combines beautifully with Bay’s style of thrill and obsession with Fox’s beautiful body. But above all, the four turtles are amazingly realistic. The movie is really entertaining for the youngsters and so they are unlikely to notice the unnecessary one- liners. The Turtles are really fun and cool to watch while they talk and move around. Even the action scenes are cool enough to watch.

Now coming to the cinematography, you will fall in love with the cinematography of the movie. Even Director Liebesman is outstanding with his technical treatment. The computerized images blend well with cinematographers beautifully shot visuals, which are quite nicely put together.

Coming to the star cast, Megan Fox does complete justice to her character April. Even Will Arnett, as cameraman, Vern, does what he has been asked to do. There is fun, action and a story in this movie which is sure to keep you fastened into your seats. This is one of those rare movies which you can enjoy with the entirely family, right from the kids to the adults.

Nonetheless, with amazing direction, great visual effects and good onscreen performances, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is definitely worth watching. So, if you loved reading the movie review and want to know more, it is time to watch this super-amazing flick. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and get going!

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