The Aamazing Spiderman 2: Not Just Another Franchise

spiderman2The thing about big budget franchise movies as critics would argue is that it begs one to wonder whether they can ever be mind blowing again. The Amazing spider man 2 hit the theaters on May 2nd 2014 and with all the pomp and glory around it elicited mixed feelings from fans and critics alike. Movie die hard fanatics and comic book fans clearly remember the E.W. Swackhamer directed first film that premiered on CBS in 1977 starring Nicholas Hammond and Thayer David.

Since then the ensuing franchise films have had their fair share of criticism and failure to awe the audience once again. This recent hit has not been spared either with critics judging it as a fail even before it was released. The Marc Webb directed sequel featuring a star studded cast of Andrew Garfield, Denis Leary, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx has been jotted down for having an overstaffed plot and too many bad guys. The New York Times’ critic Manohla Dargis held that the movie is “a sequel that has a lamentably foolish-turn, balances blockbuster with human-scale-drama, child-friendly and gushers of tears” he lamented that the script was “an almost rhythmic predictability: the amazing spider-man fights a super villain; peter hangs on with his family and friends; repeat”.

The diehard fans however bash out at the critics and boast of ‘off the hook’ action packed effects, mixed emotions delivered perfectly, magical chemistry and an ending that is to die for. The numbers also seem to support their claims as multitudes flocked the theatres for the opening. Captain-America: The winter soldier opened at $95 million in early April and the Amazing spider man had hoped to beat this record failing to meet the mark by just $3 million. The super hero movie has grossed an estimated $116 million in its third weekend, bringing the overseas total to a whopping $277 million mark. Amazingly the sequel made $6.5 million in India which is by far the biggest opening weekend for a Hollywood title in India.

The chemistry between Stone and Garfield critics agreed was far better off than the predeceasing sequels as well as the spectacular transformation of Harry Osborn into the green goblin. The best part many agreed is how Webb handles the inevitable age old question that everyone wondered ‘when?’ and ‘how?. When it’s all said and done, the only thing that matters is an individual’s perception of the movie. Whether you decided to love it or hate it; it all starts by actually watching the movie and not here say. So buy yourself a ticket today for another Great American Blockbuster.

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