Six great movies premiering in 2016 you must watch

It’s a new year in the movie industry and if you think that you saw it all in 2015 then you are wrong. Prepare for more excitement. In January alone, many movies have been released around the world. Most of movie enthusiasts are spending their January catching up with the latest films that have been released. There is plenty of hope this year since great movies have already premiered across the globe. To save you time and money, since the list is already long, here are six movies to watch this 2016.



Movie enthusiasts over the years have desperately anticipated a Deadpool movie. Finally, a Deadpool movie will soon hit the theatres. Directed by Tim Miller, this movie will have lots of fans since Deadpool is immortal and its ending is quite unpredictable. Deadpool has a filthy R-rating and features stars such as Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and Gina Carano. It is scheduled for release on February 12.

Jane Got a Gun

Surprisingly, the production of this movie began in the year 2012. After a difficult production, this movie managed to see light at the end of January. It is about a woman that has no option but to fight back against a notorious gang. Some of the stars you can expect to see in action are Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor. This movie will be worth watching without any doubt.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice

Scheduled for release on March 25, this super hero movie will be a classic. Since Gotham city’s vigilante fears the actions of a god like super hero, they decide to take on Metropolis’s most honored. Batman has fought superman several times in comic books. With Batman and Superman fighting one another, there is a great threat to mankind like never before.

Hail, Caesar!

This Golden age Hollywood movie made by the Coen Brothers takes the world back to the 1950s. The film is all about Josh Brolin, acting as Manix, searching for a fictional movie star, George Clooney acting as Baird Whitlock that has been kidnapped. Can Mannix save the day by finding Whitlock who got lost in Hollywood’s seedy side? Scheduled for release on February 5, movie enthusiasts are desperately anticipating this fix.

X-men: Apocalypse

En Sabah who has been worshiped as god since time immemorial becomes immortal as he is able to gather powers from other mutants. He awakens in the 1980s after thousands of years. He is unimpressed with the world and gathers a new four horsemen with the intention to cleanse the world of the weak and eventually lead it. Tasked with saving mankind from Apocalypse is the surviving first class of x-men together with new recruits. They are led by Professor X, James McAvoy, and Raven, Jennifer Lawrence.

The Jungle Book

Disney continued their trend of making classic animation films and converting them into live action blockbusters. Expect a redo of The Jungle Book in April. It is all about tracing the journeys of Neel Sethi acting as Mowgli. He is raised by wolves in the wild. It is among the movies to watch this 2016.

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