Samsung Dazzles with the Galaxy S7 and a Super Home Theatre System

It is not often that we do combination reviews but we feel that there is a basic theme running through these two products. On the one hand, the Samsung Home Theatre System delivers top-grade sound while on the other the Samsung Galaxy S7 retains its crown as one of the very best smartphones out there.

samsunghometheatreThe Technically Astounding Samsung Galaxy S7

The first thing that strikes you is the handsome look. No prizes for guessing which smartphone is going to fly off the shelves this season. Then you move to the camera experience that is as good as anything we have ever seen. For those thrill seekers; there is an IP68 water resistance rating which is bound to please even the most demanding diver. As for the display, it really is the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, on the downside, you will have to put up with irritating fingerprints. The TouchWiz is also a bit temperamental although they have made lots of progress. Likewise, the speakers are nothing to write home about.

Deconstructing the Smartphone into its Constituent Parts

Credit has to be given for the 5.1-inch quad-HD display which gives the Samsung Galaxy S7 its best-selling feature. Hopefully the 3,000mAh battery will help to reduce those downtimes that have become a menace for all busy users. The 12MP camera is almost near a professional standard and is quite easy to handle. Perhaps one of the best innovations is the fast and wireless charging facility which must surely complement the new-and-improved battery. The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system is a relatively new innovation but it seems that it is going to be one of the fixtures in the market. With 4GB RAM, this phone gives you all the storage that you need at a great cost of about $1200. Overall I would say well done to the team for this one. It is rather ironic that the same company that produced a phone with horrendous sound has also been able to produce a home sound system of the highest caliber.

The Rich Samsung Home Theatre System

It must be said that the Samsung HT-H7750WM is leading the way in showing the industry how uncomplicated technology can deliver extraordinary results. First of all the feature list is out of this world. It is almost as if they were trying to show off their knowledge about consumer tastes and preferences. The sound that comes out of the Samsung Home Theatre System is large, round and fulfilling yet the crisp details allow you to decipher even the slightest changes in quality. With its deep bass, this product delivers a clubbing experience within the confines of your home and yet would not be amiss in a recording studio. Its operating system is very responsive and easy to engage, so you will not need extra tutorials. This product is built for internet content and does it very well. On the downside we were not too impressed by the tallboy speaker build quality. The remote is also a bit of a bummer, let alone the occasionally tedious setup process. Nevertheless this remains one of our favorite sound systems.

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Samsung Dazzles with the Galaxy S7 and a Super Home Theatre System, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating