Understanding Swedish Culture

When you meet foreigners traveling in your country, your hospitality will mean a lot. It could be a good measure whether or not they will decide to come back. It is very important that you mind about not stepping on other people’s toes, especially if they have a different culture.

Understanding Swedish culture, for example, is a good way to learn how you will deal with tourists. What we would recommend most to drive around the USA. Such a great place to drive in the open road. Go here for cheap car hire in the USA – gå hit för billig hyrbil i USA.

Be Gentle

swedishWhen speaking to a Swede, do not be so animated or agitated, no matter how exciting the topic is. They tend to feel awkward when they are speaking to someone who’s being overheard to the next table because of the excitement in their voices.

It would also help a lot if you will not expect Swedes to speak English fluently. Speak slowly when you are talking to them to be sure that you are being understood. Do not raise your voice because it tends to irritate them and put them off.

We know they are the ones visiting but it would affect your tourism industry including the car rental companies (gå hit för förmånlig biluthyrning), if you do not try to learn more about Swedes and how they go about their days. That is the only way you can best deal with them.

Swedes are not touchy-feely by nature. They also like to have their own personal space to themselves. If there is a Swede visiting your place, make sure that you do not stand too close because that will easily make them feel uncomfortable.

Don’t be flashy. If they are asking about how to book car hire, in Swedish ‘boka hyrbil’, give them a straight answer. They would not want to get anything else from you. Swedes are precise, straightforward, practical, and reserved. Being clear and straight to the point is well with them. They will also give you a clear and straightforward answer in return.

Swedes Feel for Their Country

Swedes are patriotic. They love everything about their country and nationality, so do not dare try to start a conversation about their opponents, whether it is in a sporting event or any occasion.

If you were entertaining someone from Sweden, it would be helpful if you have some knowledge about the country’s high standard of living, economy, history, and architecture. Those are good conversation startups, which will help make your presence more comfortable.


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