Reasons Why Social Media Photo Booths are Crowd-Drawers

While social event organizers may say that increasing booth attendees isn’t one of their concerns but once events booth participants aren’t happy, it suddenly becomes one of their concerns for simple reason of losing renewals and decrease in number of participants. And to make participants happy, event organizers should be ready with tips and advices on increasing booth attendees.  From this premise, and with people’s current great interest in social media photo booths, Photo Booth Sydney is quick to assert that it is a sure way of increasing booth’s attendees and counts as a top tactic. Here are some of the reasons why a photo booth draws a lot of attendees to event booths.

People love taking pictures

Taking advantage of this people’s preoccupation gives you an advantage. Giving people the opportunities to have their photo taken is a big draw factor for any event booth. It drives people to line to your booth to have their photo taken and at a chance to engage them and invite to take a look at your offer. The opportunity to make a sale or to direct them to your offer increases. Most photo booths from photo booth Sydney are with beautiful background that make picture taking more attractive and intriguing.

People enjoy fun moments at the photo booth

Social media photo booths come with a variety of props and costumes to allow booth attendees to have fun while having their photos taken. Booth owners can choose from various themes available to match their booth themes.  All photo booth Sydney props are free of charge and provide fun moments at the photo booth. It is a way to create lasting memories of your booth’s eliciting association with your brand/service offer.

People are head over heels in love with social streaming and sharing

With the opportunity of online streaming of their photos as well as sharing them on social networks like Facebook and Instagram, photo booths are sure winners at any event booth. Those who love to push it harder create unique campaign for picture taking and streaming online for their campaigns using photo booths with sharing Facebook and all of them came out as big winners with huge attendees on their booths.

Photo booths are equipped with free operators as added personnel

It’s an added perk that most Sydney photo booth is always with operators that can also function as booth’s additional personnel. In most cases, because these photo booth operators are trained to please and entertain attendees, good impressions for your brand/service offers are instantly created, which is an added value for event participants’ money.

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These are the reasons social media photo booths are unanimously declared as event’s top crowd-drawers.


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