How Safe is your Car?

Car safety has always been a priority when it comes to purchasing cars. But what is car safety? Car safety or more commonly known as automobile safety is the study and practice of making, designing and constructing cars that are safe to minimize vehicular accidents. The seat belt is the most common component you have in a car for safety. Seat belts limit your motion; they are designed to stretch to fit your body. During a car crash, seat belts prevent you from getting ejected from the car. Seat belts go along with the airbag. Airbags cushion your impact; they automatically inflate. Seat belts make sure that you are in the right position where the air bag inflates. A lot of companies provide the best airbags such as the pedders airbags.

peddersuspensionAnother thing to consider is brakes. In 1886, the only way to stop a speeding car was by using a handbrake. Now, we even have an automatic braking system, it automatically halts the car to avoid or reduce the severity of the impact of collision. We also now have anti-lock brake systems. Headrests on car seat are most likely popular as a pillow in car for dozing off. But headrests are important not only for driving posture but to actually save your neck from whiplash. In full, they are called head restraints. The use of headrests started in 1960s for drivers.  Now, the driver and all passengers have their own headrests.

New cars drive smoothly, thanks to air suspension. It replaces the old coil springs with air springs. It is made of tough rubber and plastic ‘bags’. This inflated bag mimics the coil springs, and levels up the car. Cars now have gadgets that could save lives; most cars have GPS, some even have internet. Companies are still in the process of detecting the whereabouts of the car once it has been stolen or crashed. Four-wheel drive has become an increasingly popular since going to an adventure vacation is the new way to have a road trip. Most 4 wheel drive airbags differ from just the regular airbags. Don’t be surprised if you have more airbags than the seat. Airbags are now placed not only on the steering wheel but also on the side of the doors or places on the car that can be easily crumpled for additional safety.

Testing these features has never been this easy. Computers, robots and ingenuity make all that possible. No more humans as crash test dummies. Computer crash dummies are better and more accurate, without endangering lives like humans as test dummies.

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