Family Lawyers in Sydney – Helping Families Seeking Legal Solutions to Family Legal Issues

Australians value the family and like other culture, they hold dear family life and relationship with every member. However, with the changing influences and priorities like work and career, there are instances that developed into constraints, conflicts and disputes, and during times of difficulties, provision of support and services come from the government and private sectors including family lawyers Sydney and they help families resolve family issues to regain the joys of having a family.


divorce2Australia’s divorce law is not to destroy family life rather end legally a marriage between couples who cannot anymore live together as husband and wife. When couples cannot perform their responsibilities and duties as married individuals and that there are evident constraints and sufferings in each party, and separating is the only solution, seeing and consulting family lawyers Sydney to file divorce serves as the best solution. It is the duty of family lawyers to advice couples on the grounds on which the divorce case can be filed by the most aggrieved party. Divorce lawyers in this situation are the best professionals to ensure both party’s rights are equally protected.

Separating couples with children and property

When separating couples have children and properties, the questions of child custody and who gets the house and other properties may arise. On situations like these, couples need to make arrangements because Australian courts don’t grant divorce unless children are properly protected with arrangement for financial support and education, housing, etc. This is where family lawyers Sydney are needed to provide legal advice to separating couples and bring the case to court to decide in full protection of the children and of the most aggrieved party.

Contesting a will

Death in the family is a sad family event and there’s more pain when surviving members are disputing over family estates and when one party feels his rights has been violated. Family lawyers Sydney can help families battling each other to find legal solutions and help members protect their rights. Families with estate to protect are also helped by family lawyers or divorce lawyers Sydney to settle property disputes over property separation and settlement and feel satisfied that each is well-compensated or rewarded.

Domestic violence

In most cases, domestic violence isn’t divulged openly as family honor and values are at stake, and affected members of the family in some situations just don’t know where to go to ask help. Australia’s Family Laws have direct provisions protecting victims of domestic violence, and with a family lawyer, victims can seek help and protection.

In situations when members are aggrieved, family sticks together and face the challenge as one and asking for help, most of the time lightens the burden.

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