A Sleigh Ride to Finland

It must a dream come true for every children and young at heart to see where all the toys come from during Christmas. If Santa Claus was real, then you might want to check somewhere in the Arctic Circle of the Province of Lapland in Finland. While the exact location is still unknown up to date, one can never stop from dreaming that one day, we’ll get to meet him face to face.

finland-snowFinland is not only the home of Santa and his elves, reindeers, polar bears and the amazing sight of northern lights, but also boasts of its fascinating surroundings with thousands of lakes and islands and unspoilt forests.

Traveling to Finland does not need to be expensive either, since it has one of the least expensive airlines in Europe and you can get different kinds of discounted tickets. If you prefer to enjoy the wonderful sceneries along Eastern Finland, you can travel either by train or through cheap car hire. Driving along the roads and highways in Finland can be less stressful but quite risky during winter. There is also boat services offered among Finland’s coastal municipality where chartered cruises can be arranged for sightseeing.

Even if we wanted very much to try out a sleigh ride in Finland during the Christmas season, it is pretty dark cold during this period. To truly enjoy your visit in this great country, it is best to visit during the months of December to March for a snowy white atmosphere. However, if you wish to relax and stroll along the lakes for seeing the sights, June to August is the best choice for you. It is much advisable to put on some layer because temperatures can drop to -35 to -40c during the winter season.

Whether you love a more upbeat and exciting life, not everything in Finland have to be chilly and remote. Finland’s destination sites include several amusement parks in Kauhava, a unique crater lake in Lappajarvi or the historical sites of Turku. For the most excellent music scene in Finland, don’t forget to drop by Tampere where many museums showcase their love for music and culture. A car hire Tampere is available to go from one place to another although it might be a little expensive ranging from about €80 per day.

It is rather delighting to try the Finnish cuisine where you get to enjoy their specialties like the Baltic herring, Karelian Stew, Aura cheese, pea soup, Finnish pastries and bread and lots of dairy.

As cold as the atmosphere in Finland is, here you will find the warmest, kindest and most honest person that everyone will surely miss.

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