5 Initial Queries to Ask on Your Wedding Videography

If you’re planning your wedding, you have probably heard of wedding videography. Wedding videography is documenting a wedding through the use of video camera to produce video products called wedding video or wedding films. Since the trend has been popular, couples planning to hire a wedding videographer to create their wedding video must know what to ask during the initial meet-up to work together the kind of finish product to expect. Here are 5 initial questions that every couple should ask the person who’ll handle their wedding videography before signing the contract.lemotion2

1. What is the video style?

This should be your first question to ask your videographer. If you want a traditional wedding, a videographer who’s skilled at shooting wedding films in a documentary style is sure to deliver the best product. He can arrange a schedule for full coverage in chronological order or as each wedding phase takes place. If you want a cinematic style wedding video, then hire an Australia wedding video pro that has the artistry and the skills, the tools and equipments in capturing film-like wedding videos.

2. What story telling techniques and approach will be used?

Because he’s retelling your love story, make sure you and him share the same script. Both of you should discuss how he could use his techniques and apply different approach to come up closest to your love story. Any innovation should be well-explained for you not to get lost at your own “love story”. This is the right time to see samples of his work to verify his techniques.

3. What are the packages and the coverage offers?

Ask him what wedding films packages he offers and the coverage. This is very important in order to suit your schedules, budget and theme. Make sure that the details are on the contract for future reference.

4. What type of film will be used?

Since everybody is using digital film and producing a DVD product that can last longer, ask what he is using. Some Sydney wedding videography use  the expensive Super 8 film to come up with sharp images with nostalgic and vintage effects. This would mean higher cost for your wedding video.  Ask if he can use inexpensive digital film that gives the same effects and that suits your budget and style.

5. Is coordination will be followed?

Coordination is very important to at least minimize confusion. Ask if he is willing to coordinate with your wedding photographer to ensure both have same access and opportunity to capture your best wedding moments.

There are other important details that should be made clear before signing the contract but these 5 queries set a smooth start.

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