You probably have seen a lot of movie reviews in your lifetime, especially if you have grown fascinated to such wonderful productions. Then again, not all reviews are helpful because some would not tell as much as you need to know. To know what must be in a movie review, we have compiled the ingredients of a good one:

* The Basic Facts. Production notes are helpful sources to draw the basic facts about a film, including the title, the actors, the production team behind it, and the description. Reading the basic facts is similar to looking at the billboard teaser of a film.

* The Little Things. When writing a review, it is important that the reviewer is ready to take note of even the littlest things that could probably make a difference in the film.

* The Big Things. Of course, you cannot consider a movie review worth reading if it did not note the bigger, more important things that could help you decide if it is worth watching or not. The direction, the script, the conflict, the set and costumes, the acting and the music should be given weight because that’s what movie fans are all after.

Movie reviews would not suffice watching the film in its entirety but they should tell enough to give others a glimpse of what they can expect for watching the film.

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