Perverted Twist on a Fairytale Story at Its Best

The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is the silver screen adaption of E.L. James bestselling novel of the same name. Produced by Universal Pictures and Focus Features, the story of the film tells about a weird relationship between a student and a billionaire businessman who loves BDSM. In this movie review we will talk about the story line, good aspects and few of its drawbacks.

Story Line: Anastasia Steele, or Ana, is a free-spirited beautiful girl who is about to graduate from college. As a favour to her journalist roommate Kate who falls sick, Anna goes to interview handsome, billionaire and a mysterious man- Christian Grey in his office. The two feels an immediate and intense connection for each other.

50shadesDespite his mysterious attitude, Anastasia finds herself desperately wanting to get closer to him. Even, Christian is so moved by Anastasia’s charm and beauty, that he admits that he also wants her desperately, but on his own terms and conditions. So far it may sound as a fairytale love story but it has many shades to unfold.

However, while teenage Anastasia is looking for love and romance, intimidating Christian has only interest in bondage, dominance and submission. Christian makes it clear to Anna that he won’t has sex with her until she signs a contract which is about the Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism(BDSM)!

With time Anna discovers that Christian is dominated by a sheer desire to control everything, including Anna’s life. Christian who loves to dominate in every aspect of his life, used to tell Anna what to wear, how to eat etc. If Anna resists, she will be punished as per the agreement.

Thumbs up: Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the movie is refreshing, exciting and celebrate sex in a different way. Touted to be one of the hottest films of history, Fifty Shades depicts sex and bondage in a glamourized way. The story line is tight, narratives are engaging and for this kudos to screen play writer Kelly Marcel. Director Taylor Johnson, who has a profound understanding of the dark side of relationships, has made a well-conceived drama which could have been adapted as a raunchy TV series. Taylor Johnson balances the atmosphere with intelligence. By creatively employing red leather beds, bathtubs, desks in Christian’s play room the director adds extra oomph to the explicit sex scenes.

It’s a treat to watch Dakota Johnson as Anastasia who desires love from Christian but ends up rather being a sex slave. Dakota perfectly portrays the character of Anastasia who is dewy but not innocent. Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey also does his part well. His sex scenes with Dakota are steamy but not appear as a lame sex driven fantasy movie. Marcia Gay Harden as Christian’s mom and Rita Ora as his sister remain underused. The soothing soundtrack, crooned by Sia, Beyoncé and Ellie Goulding enhances the mood of the sex scenes.

Though much has been reported about the steamy scenes in Fifty Shades Of Gray, in some points the scenes appear to be insipid. While Dakota Johnson seems to be the ideal actress for this role, her chemistry with Jamie Dornan lacks the sizzling elements. We hope that the movie review will help end your confusion and compel you to grab a ticket of this movie as soon as possible.

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