Best Lebanese Foods to Try in Australia

Lebanese cuisine is rich in delicious and healthy dishes. The best thing about them is that they are affordable and widely available to the masses. Lebanese food in Sydney, in particular, is always present with many restaurants and food places serving them in full. Aside from that, there are also some dedicated restaurants that only serve Lebanese food.

With all that said, it is only appropriate to list down some of the best Lebanese foods that you can try in Australia.


Kibbeh is Lebanon’s national dish, and it is one that is packed with goodness and so much nutritional value. A mixture of different ingredients are needed to create this dish, and the center attraction is mostly meat. Aside from its interesting composition of ingredients, Kibbeh is also known for its flexibility, and being able to cook it in many different ways is definitely a big plus.


Fatteh mostly relies on flatbread as its main ingredient. It’s composed of smaller flatbread pieces that can also be served in two ways, Levantine and Egyptian. These variations make Fatteh a lot more interesting, not to mention that there are also many ways to personalize this dish.


A Lebanese restaurant may also serve Fattoush for their customers that are into a vegetarian diet. To put it simply, fattoush is a salad with pita bread on its ingredients list. Just like Fatteh, Fattoush can also be customized according to the customer’s liking, making it a lot easier for potential customers to get hooked. The most common ingredients that you can see in a Fattoush would be tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and pepper.


Aside from charcoal chicken, Lebanon is also known for its Manakeesh, a breakfast dish that is a flatbread with various toppings. You can see a lot of similarities in Lebanese cuisine as they offer a lot of customization to the ones who will eat.

This Lebanese food in Sydney needs to be baked into an oven once already decorated. The different restaurant has its own styles when it comes to dressing their Manakeesh, so it has become a lot more common for people to have their personal favorites.

Charcoal chicken

Last but not least is the most popular Lebanese food in Sydney, and that is the charcoal chicken. Little is actually needed to be explained as the name already gave away much of the details. One thing for sure is that a lot of Australians have already tried out this dish, and they are surely impressed.

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