About Us

movieloveWatching movies is a joy to many. It is like being transported to a different world that’s vivid and bright. But movies are not created equal. Not all releases are worth your two cents quality and story wise.

That’s why we created this blog. We intend to give movie buffs to have a sneak peak on what’s to come in cinemas and whether or not they deserve all the attention and hype.

We are no film production specialists nor professional moviemakers. We are simply movie enthusiasts who, after sitting still in cinemas for almost two hours straight many times, have discovered what movies worth watching are all about.

This blog is dedicated to movie fans out there, who, like us, are always watching out for new film releases. With our blog, you will not need to keep guessing if this movie or that is worth your penny. We will keep watch on the latest films on the grind and those that are currently showing with hopes that we will be able to save you time and money over the dilemma of watching a movie or not. You can be sure that we are looking into the skeleton of the films we watch and not just on the handsome faces we see on screen.

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