A Good Sci-Fi Movie About a Father’s Love

Interstellar is a sci-fi movie about travelers who explored the galaxy in order to know if life beyond the galaxy is possible. They explored the universe because of the scarcity in earth and tried to find a way in order to sustain life on earth. interstellar_movie

This movie was a great movie and if I were to be asked, I would rate it as A. The science shown in the movie was great because the concepts were well delivered. I also enjoyed the movie because of the 4d that is why it is more exciting. Despite all the sciences shown in the movie, the movie was still able to let the audience understand the concepts because they made a way to explain the sciences easier. But there are still concepts in the movie that needs googling and I guess one must see the movie twice in order to unpack all the things that’s going on in the movie. The movie also let me understand about the humanity here on earth, including the cosmos, science, exploration, etc. Everything technical about the movie was well explained. As for the acting, they did great. I think all the performances were fine especially McConaughey as he has the strongest standout in the movie. I think he really deserves as a best actor nomination for the movie. Not only did McConaughey did great but also Hathaway and Ghastain. For the supporting characters, I think they weren’t well developed properly but I think it was still fine because they still served their purpose. Overall, I enjoyed their good acting, the storyline and the filmmaking.

Overall, I think Interstellar is a good movie because it does not only focus on the scientific part of the movie. It also focuses on a father’s love to his daughter. At the end of the movie, the daughter realized that her father did everything to save her. This is one of the best theme of the movie, the theme about love that it transcends ove time and space. I’ve read good movie reviews about it that’s why I decided to watch it. I can’t stop thinking about it as soon as I watched the movie. I would love to watch it over and over again because of the great concepts that were shown. I definitely love the emotional aspects shown and I really felt every part of it. I would recommend this to a lot of people including my friends and I’m sure they will love it also.

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